Proofread Excelsior LLC


You’ve got questions…

 What software do you use?

I’m currently using Microsoft Word 2016.

What dictionary and style book do you use?

I use Merriam-Webster Unabridged and Chicago Manual of Style.

Do you edit?

I do not edit. I'm strictly a proofreader for now and that occurs at the very last part of the editing process. I check spelling, grammar, punctuation, and consistency.

How long have you been proofreading?

I have been proofreading, mostly for free, since 2008. I just recently decided to do it for a living.

How will I pay you?

I will send you an invoice via QuickBooks Self-Employed. You can pay using either a bank transfer or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Apple Pay).

What will you do with my information?

I only use the information you give me to communicate with you and assist with your order. I don’t share it with anyone and no one else will have access to it.

Will you notify me when an order is complete?

You will be notified promptly.

How will I send/receive my document?

We can do whatever you prefer: email, DropBox, SendAnywhere, etc.